Road Atlanta 2013 – Season Recap

Braselton, Georgia. October 21, 2013. It’s been an adrenalin-filled second year for EFFORT Racing. The growing pattern continued throughout the 2013 race season and does not show any signs of slowing down in 2014. With driver changes and the introduction of some new technical staff, it has been a year that has sharpened skills and brought the EFFORT Team closer together. Team owner, Chuck Toups has been bringing a vision to life since the inception of EFFORT Racing. The IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge is only a start of what promises to be a very exciting future for EFFORT Racing. With a season that included some of the most prestigious tracks in America, the final two races take place at the home of the first road race in the NASCAR Bush Grand National Series History in 1986 and home of the inaugural race of the Petit Le Mans Endurance Race in 1986. This is the 2.54 mile track know as Road Atlanta. Race 1 With rain persisting, the starting line-up, Madison Snow in Pole, Sloan Urry in 2nd and Angel Benitez Jr. in 3rd. Michael Mills starts in 7th position. Sloan Urry takes over 1st out of the gate in turn 1 and establishes a gap early. Double Yellow out in lap 2, tightening up the stack. When green comes out Sloan’s number 20 car spins out at the restart, coming out of turn 12. This caused Sloan to spin out and hit the wall, taking him out of the race. Michael Mills moves to 4th. Number 47, John Baker of Wright Motorsports and 56, David Baker of Topp Racing, slid off the track side by side, in lap 11 bringing out the double yellow stacking the line-up and washing out Madison Snow’s established lead. The green comes out again with 16.5 minutes left. In lap 16, number 24 Mark Llano of NGT Motorsports and number 45 Charles Putman of TruSpeed Autosports, slide off the track bringing out the yellow once again. Green out with 6 minutes left. The results at the checkers is, 1st, Madison Snow. 2nd, Collin Thompson of Thompson Racing. And coming in 3rd, Craig Duerson of NGT Motorsports. Race 2 The weather yielded an overcast day, but a dry track for the 16th and final race of the season. The line-up at the start puts Sloan back in 2nd position, after an unfortunate break in race 1, and Michael Mills in 7th. The battle from the front of the back was between Madison Snow, Sloan Urry and Angel Benitez, Jr. Mills slips into 6th in the first lap. In the 13th Lap, Sloan takes the lead after some Red-Hot competition between the 3 of them. Michael Mills was a sight to see when he went off the track to avoid a wreck out of Turn 10 and put the pedal down, so he wouldn’t get stuck in the soft dirt and make it to the track on the other side. With Michael catching some air, it was a scene out of the TV show, “Dukes of Hazard”. Thankfully there was no major damage to his car. The yellow comes out and stacks it up again. The green comes out with 12 minutes left. Sloan gets a good jump with Madison Snow in 2nd and Angel Benitez, Jr. in 3rd. Brett Sandberg of TruSpeed Autosport makes a move on Michael Mills and takes the 6th position. Sloan keeps a very good gap between him and Madison. Angel keeps the pressure on Madison from behind, almost passing a couple of times. This proves to be the line-up until the checkers come out, yielding our final podium results of the year with Sloan Urry taking 1st, Madison Snow taking 2nd and Angel Benitez, Jr. with a 3rd place finish. With the Team Championship points so close, Madison was able to claim the Driver’s Championship as well as the Team, by only 1 point. With a very exciting year chalked up for EFFORT Racing, there is a lot to be accomplished in 2014. Team owner, Chuck Toups was quoted as saying “It was a great year, we accomplished many of our goals, but missed a few important ones. It’s all about our team development”. Quote from #41, Michael Mills… “This was a truly amazing 2nd year for effort racing. We have had the best people in the world help us this year and become our friends and family. In the end not winning the team championship was a minor hiccup with all we accomplished as a team and where we are going. John and Madison did a great job this year and we are glad we could give them a run for their money. I am most happy in how much Sloan has matured on and off track. He has a great feature ahead of him and we are glad he is part of Effort Racing. He had a great win the last race of this year which is a sign for what’s to come for him in the future. I think I might have set a distance record in jumping a cup car today so that has to count for something. I want to thank Chuck and Melissa for putting us in the position to do this and all the crew at effort for the all the hard work they put in.” Quote from #20, Sloan Urry… “What a year. The team started out with a lot of unknowns but with high aspirations and every weekend we made strides in the right direction. What a difference from Sebring to Road Atlanta. There have been some serious battles that have ended in disappointment and elation. I’m so happy to end the season with the latter…and a win at that! Unfortunately we couldn’t get the Team Championship but at least we secured 2nd in the Driver’s Championship. Congratulations to the team for a job well done!” EFFORT Racing… We Come To Win!

About EFFORT Racing

EFFORT Racing was founded in 2010 with a simple goal: to be Champions, both on and off the racetrack. In doing so, we seek not only to win races, but to spread an uplifting and encouraging message of hope.

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